You are planning or organizing an event and want to make it known with your own website?

Create your new website here in 5 easy steps, based on one of 40 different layouts. After that you distribute the link to your new website. All completely free and without registration!

What do I have to do?

5clicks.net will create a website for you with a random secret link.
This website could look like this, or like this, or like this. There are currently 40 different layouts.
You share the link to your website via social media, email or with the printed QR code, which leads to your site.

What's in for me?

You will get a professional automatically created website which shows the details of your event, including countdown and other animations. Everyone who knows this link (or sees the QR code) can access your information online and save it, e.g. as calendar entry on his smartphone.

What else?

If you allow it, your visitors can give feedback if they will join your event, and they can give comments.

How much does that cost?

Nothing - this service is for free with most of its features. 5clicks.net evolved from a demo project which I started to learn about using Bootstrap, APIs and some modern CSS/SVG/Canvas-features (more about me). I do appreciate donations. Apart from that, some features are bound to a premium access. Please share this page.

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  • 14.06.2020: Now with comments
  • 24.05.2020: Added a copy-function
  • 30.04.20: Now with Corona theme! Includes an Arcade shooter...
  • 26.04.2020: New adventure/desert theme with full-blown explosion effect...
  • 19.04.2020: Now available in English as well
  • 05.04.2020: Password protection of sites is possible now

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